2011 Programs

Sunday February 27, 2011 Pot Luck Supper

Jim Gorman presented "The New England Connection: Firearms Design, Manufacture & Use from the Revolution to the Civil War". Jim connected the firearms industry in New England with the change in design and use from Revolutionary Times to the Civil War era and the resulting evolution in military tactics. In many respects the firearms industry in New England was the grandfather of industrial practice and mass production in the US. Jim is an expert in this area and can talk about what really happened and dispel some of the common misconceptions.

Boxborough Scale at Museum April 2011

The year is 1850. Abraham Lincoln is an obscure ex-congressman. The State of Massachusetts has delivered a new scale to Boxborough to calibrate the Town's weights and measures. This is an incredible piece of mid 19th century technology sensitive enough to weigh a penny and strong enough to calibrate a 50 pound weight. After 100 years on the second floor of the Town Hall the scale is now available for viewing at the Boxborough Museum at 575 Middle Road.